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Een bedrijf runnen mét ADHD.... Dom idee of niet?

Is that okay, running a company with ADHD?

ADHD is often thought of as the busiest boy in the class. I get it, I have one at home. So yeah, I was thinking about that same little boy. But it manifests itself very differently in girls and women. This is one reason that so many adult women are now diagnosed with ADHD. The complaints that we presented to general practitioners, psychologists and other care providers were pushed aside for years under other disorders and syndromes and were dismissed as isolated problems.
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Valentijnsdag Do’s & Don’ts

Valentijnsdag Do’s & Don’ts

Handige tips van mij voor jou....

De één noemt het commerciële ellende, de ander gaat in diepe depressie wanneer er, voor de zoveelste keer, geen bloemetje afkon bij zijn of haar grote liefde. Er zijn mannen die er helemaal in mee gaan en volledig los gaan met de rozenblaadjes en massage olies en er zijn mannen die niet eens weten dat het überhaupt Valentijnsdag is. En dan zijn er de dames die zich, voor de gelegenheid, in een knalrood kanten gewaad hijsen én de dames die in hun snuggle onesie met een bak ijs onder een dekentje verdwijnen. Kortom, Valentijnsdag bestaat, maar niet iedereen is daar even enthousiast over.

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Alles voor de liefde...

Everything for love...

Why do we do it anyway? Do you want to participate in that commercial misery? Isn't love complicated enough? And okay, when you receive something, life is fantastic. But how many times have you looked at the mailbox in vain? Although much is still unclear about the origin of this romantic day (I won't bore you with a 3-sided history lesson, just Google it 😉), one thing has been proven: anonymous cards and flowers have been sent to unknowing recipients for hundreds of years. .

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En toen kwam ineens die email van Rituals

And then suddenly that email came from Rituals

That was the reaction I get the most now. Because how do you, as a one-man company, with a meager 1,500 followers, get an assignment from a gigantic company like Rituals. I would like to say that I have manifested myself here…. But no, this really came as a total surprise....
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Klein maar fijn

Small is beautiful

Where do I prefer to buy those gifts? At small (online) stores. Shops that I follow on Instagram, for example, and where I know that someone puts their heart and soul into that business. Someone who, just like me, is so incredibly happy with every order that comes in and who packs and ships it with so much care and love. Because how nice is it to receive that handwritten thank you card instead of a standard advertising brochure or just a copy of the invoice. But there are so many more benefits.
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In het zonnetje - Kaartstudio

In the sun - Map studio

The first rays of sunshine are for Willianne from Kaartstudio

From the first time I saw her wrapping paper, I was in love. It was the elephants with balloons. I had already built up quite a collection of gift wrapping paper, but these wrapping sheets were so different from usual. That was the start of an enormous Map Studio collection. Of course, that immediately became the first brand that I would sell in my webshop. I now not only sell her beautiful collections, but she also turned out to be a very sweet friend. Want to know more about Willianne? Read on quick!

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Een trotse superloedermoeder!

A proud super mother!

How well we all knew it. Those years before we became mothers?! I too had sworn that there would be no plastic toys in the house, that my child would eat everything available and that, in a restaurant, my child would sit neatly (and quietly) at the table until everyone had finished…. Without screen!
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Inpaktips van een pro

Packing tips from a pro

Do you like beautifully wrapped gifts, but are you having trouble wrapping your gifts properly? I would like to share a few simple, but effective tips & tricks with you.
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Lastig hé, dat opvoeden 

Difficult, isn't it, raising children

To put it mildly...difficult. It's the hardest job in the world and it's unpaid too. But you get so much in return: gray hair, a dirty house and a lot of sleep deprivation. They don't say for nothing; the best parents are those without children.
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Inpakken als een baas

Packing like a boss

Ok, opinions are divided about the usefulness of wrapping presents nicely. Some people find a beautifully wrapped gift a shame to unpack and a pleasure to look at. Others think it is, and I quote literally: a waste of time!
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5 Redenen om voor altijd single te blijven*

5 Reasons to Stay Single Forever*

Doesn't it make you tired too? That Valentine's Day nonsense? That sweet talk about roses, poems, chocolate (ok, no chocolate is life) and cards. Love is often not that fun.
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Valentine's Day misery

Why do we do it anyway? Do you want to participate in that commercial misery? Isn't love complicated enough? And okay, when you receive something, life is fantastic. But how many times have you looked at the mailbox in vain?
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