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About me

I am Bianca Maas, creative, cheerful, quick-witted and a bit lazy. In love with presents, stationary, wrapping paper and everything around it, but most in love with my 2 monsters. Dejan and Louis. Oh and of course also on Flip, my husband, most days... Then I have another passion: our 1930s house in Westzaan. Always busy redecorating and collecting beautiful things (and plants).

Bi Happy started, as in many cases, as a hobby. Some nice pictures of gifts on my personal Insta page. After some encouragement, this became a separate Insta page and more and more was posted. I gained more and more followers and there was a demand for my services. I started offering that. At first I just packed, but soon there was a demand for complete gifts and I was even allowed to give my first workshops.

And how happy it makes me. Of every order and every assignment. It's really a treat to be able to create so much beauty. Just take a look at the Ka boxes or the workshops or... just let yourself be inspired .