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Packing like a boss

Ok, opinions are divided about the usefulness of wrapping presents nicely. Some people find a beautifully wrapped gift a shame to unpack and a pleasure to look at. Others think it is, and I quote literally: a waste of time! This is how I beautifully wrapped my uncle gift gift and I was told: “Why did you pack it all up? It's a waste of paper, I'll unpack it again anyway”

And another 'favorite', doing your very best to wrap a gift as beautifully as possible, gifting it proudly and then watching the recipient tear off the paper without looking back, to put it in a corner somewhere. croaking and chatting as if nothing had happened. Just to be clear, that hits me to the core (yes, terribly overdramatic, I know). But seriously, when that happens I want to punch people. Because to me it feels like I'm giving you a van Gogh as a gift and you're zipping it to pieces. I seriously wonder, can't you see that someone has done their very best for this? Or maybe you think it's very ugly? Or, and I fear this is the most common, you just don't care? Fine, next time in an old newspaper. Saves again. And if you're thinking: yeah right! See the result here.

Fortunately, most recipients fall into the category: a shame to open. You're my people! Because how wonderful it is to make something beautiful and give it as a gift and that it genuinely makes someone as happy as I am. Because it really is part of the gift. It goes much further than just a piece of paper with a bow. With every gift I wrap, I think about the recipient, the gift being wrapped, color choices and combinations that can be made. And then of course there are countless techniques for wrapping a gift. From many ways of folding, tying and tying to homemade gift bags. Because there is a great solution for absolutely every shape and size. A few months ago I even had the opportunity to festively package a children's bicycle (with some reluctance and under pressure from my dear niece).

Several scientific studies have already been devoted to this and it has been proven: the packaging of a gift is at least as important as the gift itself. And also logical, because imagine if you always get your gifts shoved into your hands?! Doesn't that take all the anticipation?! There goes the building of tension and anticipation.

And believe me, I have been the recipient of some of these delights myself.

Here are my top 3 (or should I say my -3) of this year:

3. Money, just like that, in my hand…. On my birthday.

2. A bag of gingerbread nuts (my favorite, caramel sea salt), with a gift card stuck to it…. With duct tape!

1. Tony Chocolonely bars, packaged in, yes, a pack of Pampers. On Mother's Day!

And no, I'm not ungrateful, I was actually very happy with the gifts themselves. But the supreme moment is lost when you see Pampers or duct tape. And it's so simple. You don't need 100 rolls of different prints of wrapping paper. In fact, even plain construction paper can go a long way. It's about the effort. It's about the feeling of knowing that someone has thought about it. It's about the tension building up when you receive a gift and gradually discover what is hidden. And the more beautifully the gift is wrapped, the more it contributes to the overall experience. In fact, even the cheapest trinket can be given the most luxurious look through stylish packaging.

How? I would like to show you this in the Bi Happy Sinterchristmas Wrapping Workshops. During a pleasant evening in beautiful Westzaan, I will show you from A to Z how to wrap most gifts stylishly and in a unique way. We practice together and you immediately wrap your own gifts beautifully. At the end of the workshop you will have gained a great skill. and a skill that you will enjoy not only this holiday season, but for the rest of your life. And not only that, you will also receive a great Bi Happy goodie bag, full of fun things that you can enjoy all year round.

Want to know more and/or make a reservation? Click here! There are a limited number of places available, so don't wait too long.

Will I see you in Westzaan?



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