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Everything for love...

Why do we do it anyway? Do you want to participate in that commercial misery? Isn't love complicated enough? And okay, when you receive something, life is fantastic. But how many times have you looked at the mailbox in vain? Or worse, did you expect to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your guy, every other day, you go to bed half-crying at 8 o'clock, because he forgot, because your secret love really just showed 0 interest, or because your guy thinks it's nonsense and so conveniently skips the whole day. No roses, no card, nothing at all. And yet, there remains that hope. That silent hope that this year is different, that what you always see in romantic films will happen to you this year. And that is exactly what keeps Valentine's Day great, hope!

History lesson?

Although much is still unclear about the origin of this romantic day (I won't bore you with a 3-sided history lesson, just Google it 😉), one thing has been proven: anonymous cards and flowers have been sent to unknowing recipients for hundreds of years. . The oldest Valentine's Day card ever found dates from around 1400 and can still be found in the British Museum in England. The approach was clear, you have a crush on someone, you don't dare say it to his or her face, so you wait for this beautiful day and write all your emotions on a card... Hoping that the recipient, yes what exactly? Recognized your handwriting? Do you get visions of your face after receiving the card? Just feel like it's your card? No, you hope that the feeling is completely mutual and that the recipient will be on your doorstep within 10 minutes of receipt.

And that is exactly what it all started about, expressing love to unconscious recipients. Of course, it has now gotten completely out of hand and has become a major commercial mess. But why not take advantage of what this day is intended for? It can really bring so much beauty. Unfortunately, this romantic trend is lagging behind. According to a survey last year, only 39% of ladies have ever received a card from a secret admirer. Too bad, such a shame. Gentlemen, if you read this: WE LIKE THIS, REALLY! But ladies, we are of course now emancipated enough to take matters into our own hands, right?

Just do it!

So send that card! Leave a note. No idea what kind of card you should send? Keep it light! Most men are shocked when they receive an over-romantic declaration of love. So keep it fun, a little humor goes a long way. Fortunately, Bi Happy has listed the nicest, sweetest and funniest cards for you. Click here for all Valentine's Day cards.

Extra pampering?

Would you like to give an additional gift? It doesn't have to be big and expensive, right? A sweet teddy bear, fun game, jewelry or book. I have to say that bears might be better replaced by a job card or a screwdriver. Because, looking at my guy, that bear ends up in a corner somewhere, dusty or worse. Men generally lack that gene completely. And do you have a brother, friend or other single man in your area who really has no idea how to deal with the ladies? Then this book is the ultimate (Valentine's) gift. See, a man (or woman) with humor has half the world!

Friends rule

Nowadays, more and more attention is also paid to friends and family on Valentine's Day. And honestly, we all should! Because let's face it, at least they appreciate it! No, it's not romantic and no, not how Valentine's Day was ever intended, but it's about love, right? Here you will find all the sweet cards, for Valentine's Day and every day afterward.

Looking for Valentine's Day inspiration?

There is a lot of fun on the site, from the most beautiful Valentine's cards, funniest books and sweetest gifts, to pick-me-up cards when things haven't gone quite as you would like. You can find it here .

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