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Inpaktips van een pro

Packing tips from a pro

Do you like beautifully wrapped gifts, but are you having trouble wrapping your gifts properly? I would like to share a few simple, but effective tips & tricks with you. This way you no longer have to feel ashamed when you arrive with your gift and you discover how fun wrapping actually is!

Tip 1: Good tools are half the battle

Please buy some decent paper scissors and good tape. No, the scissors do not have to cost €20, this can also be a €2 pair of scissors from Action. But keep these scissors separate and only use them for paper. This way your scissors stay sharp and clean for longer and it works so much better. The tape I use most is Scotch Magic tape. This tape has a few major advantages: you can hardly see it on most types of wrapping paper and you can easily remove it if you make a mistake, without streaks, tears or glue residue. Do you have a lot of high-gloss wrapping paper? Then choose a glossy tape, such as Scotch Transparent. The matte of the Cleartape is extra visible.

Tip 2: Less is more and more is less

Huh? Yes! Well look, we Dutch like to be economical with our beautiful papers. Logically. But if you cut your paper too sparingly and discover that you are short on packing, what do you do with that piece of paper? During my workshops the number one answer is: throw it away! Shame! Therefore, always cut just a little wider. And now you think: but it says less is more? That is also true, because once you get to folding the sides and you have too much paper there, this excess ensures that you can no longer fold the sides away neatly and tightly. Before you start folding, it is therefore always important to cut away too much paper. A half moon cut from the bottom is enough (see photo), this ensures that you have no extra bulk in the fold. And that you can fold the sides very tightly.

Tip 3: Tight, tighter, tightest

Pull, push, fold the paper as tightly as possible around the gift. Of course you take the gift into account, for example, pulling books too hard can cause cracks in the corners. And you take the paper into account. If you use Action paper for €0.39, I do not recommend that you use it at all. I can guarantee you it won't survive, but more on that later.

Tip 4: Let the paper do the work

Are you packing something that isn't straight forward? Do not try to force the paper around the gift. Instead, it's better to place the gift on the paper and see, piece by piece, how the paper best folds around it. Other ways are: making a gift bag, making a candy mold or the soap method for round shapes. Huh? What? You can learn these and many other ways during a Bi Happy Workshop. And yes, I will come back to this too. 😊 No patience, no sense in workshops or too lazy to make things difficult? Put the gift in a box and then wrap it.

Tip 5: You have paper and paper

Yes really! And of course, Hema and Action also have fantastic prints, colors and types. But for really good meat you go to the butcher and not to the supermarket, right? There is a huge difference in quality between the different price ranges of wrapping paper. And now you may be thinking; Does it matter, it's going to be torn apart anyway. If you really believed this, you probably weren't reading this blog. Because the way of packaging is just as important for the receiving experience as the gift itself. In other words, the packaging can make or break a gift. Do not you believe me? Wrap a nice gift in a half-torn old newspaper and watch the recipient's reaction. But just as well the other way around. If you wrap the cheapest fluff gift nicely, it will look so much more expensive and nicer. It's all about the experience. Fortunately, at Bi Happy you will find a wide range of the most beautiful wrapping sets, gift wrapping paper, stickers and labels. Everything to turn your (flute) gift into a real party. The complete wrapping sets are super handy, everything you need to make your gift a real party. Including luxury gift wrapping paper, stickers, bags, ribbon, (mini) cards and nice extras, everything fits together and everything is completely Bi Happy style, so unique. You will find the packing sets here .

Tip 6: Be creative

There is so much possible, make use of it! With an extra fold, special use of color or beautiful decorations. Everything is possible, everything is allowed. That's the best thing about packing. You can go all out. No inspiration? Follow Bi Happy Creations on Instagram, I share here lots of my packing creations, videos, tips and promotions. Don't want to miss anything at all? Register now for the Bi Happy News Flash. This way you are always the first to know and you have access to special member discounts and competitions.

Tip 7: It can be even more fun!

Book a Packing Like a Pro workshop at Bi Happy Creations, a workshop that you are guaranteed to enjoy for the rest of your life. I will teach you everything from a good basic to the best folding techniques. Do you have special request numbers? Let me know. Every participant receives a cool goodie bag at the end of the workshop. And the best part? You don't have to leave the house! I will come to you, packed with all the tools and the nicest materials.

Like a kind of Tupperware party, but without Tupperware... and fun 😊 It is possible for 4 people or more (less in consultation) and anywhere in the Netherlands. Knowing more? Click here or send me a message. Nice to learn something new, but of course also a great idea for a baby shower, birthday outing or, for example, a Mother's Day surprise.

Will I see you soon?



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