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I will live long

Do you have that too? The older you get, the less birthday you feel on your birthday? For me it started somewhere around the age of 25 and that decline has continued steadily. Too bad really, when you think about it. Because every reason for a party should be one. But I haven't really celebrated my birthday in years. Not even when I got the big 4.0. reached. In fact, I was 37 weeks pregnant with my youngest at the time and the fewer people I saw in a day the better. I felt like a depressed cross between a hippo and an elderly person, so I happily skipped that party.

I am now about to turn 44, which I will celebrate with... a working day. Of course I hope to receive something like a card or bouquet of flowers from my husband that day and perhaps a craft or drawing from my kids. But given the fact that my husband gave me a pack of Pampers for Mother's Day, my eldest hates anything that can even be called creative and my youngest is too young to know it's someone's birthday, I think I should hope for that. but let it go quickly.

How wonderful it used to be, as a child, to come downstairs on your birthday and find the whole house decorated. And then of course the gifts, the treat of the millionth bag of chips (we were all so original), the real cards in the mailbox (1000x more fun than an app if you ask me) and of course your children's party.

My guy thinks I always overdo it on our guys' birthdays. I always spend weeks choosing the themes, the treats and of course suitable paper for the carefully selected gifts. But how wonderful it is to feel like a child again on such a day. Because fair? I enjoy it as much as she does. We already have an impressive list of themes behind us here, I should have become a party planner. And Flip? He looks at it with dismay twice a year... Sometimes I see him thinking: WTF is she doing again. And honestly, last year, when I was fooling around with a helium machine and exploding balloons at 11 PM at night, I thought exactly the same thing.

Well, that's what you do... For your greatest smallest loves. But not for yourself…. And, unless you are really still deeply in love, it doesn't seem to your partner either. Too bad... Because being surprised is so much fun! A handwritten card on the bus or an unexpected little something still makes me as happy as a child. A few years ago, two smart colleagues gave me a T-shirt with the word: sourpuss on it. A joke, because I think Tino Martin is terrible (sorry if I offend anyone, but I really think it's TERRIBLE!). Or when Flip had completely decorated our apartment years ago (a day early, but that didn't spoil the fun). At those moments I really feel like it's my birthday, as if I was turning 10 again. It's the surprise effect. Sure, I'm always very happy with all the gifts I receive. But the most unexpected ones are the most fun and what I enjoy the longest.

And so I think I'm not alone in that. Do you like to give money or a gift card as a gift? I completely understand. It's easy and it makes most people very happy. But try packaging it in an original way. For example, you can put a cinema voucher in a popcorn box with a bag of M&M's, a small can of coke and a nice card, making it a special gift. You can also give money as a gift in a million more original ways than in an envelope. Staff, need ideas or materials? Send me one message , I would be happy to help you on your way. Below is some gift inspiration. All these creations contain a gift card or money.

Does the birthday boy or girl live a little further away and do you usually only send a card? Of course a card is already great to receive. The shop is full of the nicest and most original birthday cards . But you can only really surprise with one birthday gift box . This is possible from €9.95 (excl. shipping costs). What is a birthday gift box? Simple: a party in a box! There are different types and sizes and if you are looking for something different than the standard gifts, I will happily suggest one custom gift box for you together. All gifts in the gift box are beautifully wrapped in Bi Happy style and sent in a festively decorated letterbox box. A real party on the doorstep. Of course you can also have the gifts sent to yourself, so that you can give them personally, so it is also a perfect gift for your loved ones who live just around the corner from you.

I'm going to open a bottle of wine and eat some cake. After all, you have to hang up the balloons of life yourself. Cheers to the next 44 years!

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