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shopping, eating and packing

The big shopping season has started again. Sinterklaas has arrived, the first shoes have been placed and the Christmas wrappers are flying around your ears. DELICIOUS! Because what a party it is, the arrival, the putting on of shoes, children's bouncing balls that bounce just a little harder than normal, the lights, the Christmas trees, Advent calendars and of course all that food!!! Love it. Okay, honestly? Love the food, love the lights, maybe a little less love the bouncing. Because here they are going through the roof. But I like to compensate for that with extra wrappers, extra presents (for myself, to comfort me) and especially extra gingerbread nuts (sea salt caramel, already about 3 kg).

shop small

My absolute favorite part of these months? Go all out with wrapping the presents. But number 2 is choosing those presents. So much fun to scour all those (online) stores for the perfect gift for that special person. Where do I prefer to buy those gifts? At small (online) stores. Shops that I follow on Instagram, for example, and where I know that someone puts their heart and soul into that business. Someone who, just like me, is so incredibly happy with every order that comes in and who packs and ships it with so much care and love. Because how nice is it to receive that handwritten thank you card instead of a standard advertising brochure or just a copy of the invoice. But there are so many more benefits.

the advantages

A few advantages of “shopping small” at a glance:

  • HAPPY DANCE | Small businesses are often run by one person. A person who literally does a happy dance with every order that comes in. I should know, because I do them too! With your purchase you bring an entrepreneur closer to a dream.
  • CUSTOMER IS KING | Personal service is often very important to small entrepreneurs. Why? Because we hope that you will come back to us many more times. Is there a problem or are there special wishes? Then we will do everything we can to resolve the matter and meet your wishes. And let's face it, isn't it much easier to talk to a real person than with a robot voice and 40 options?
  • MORE! |You get that little bit extra when you shop small. Your item beautifully packaged, a little extra with your order, that handwritten card. Honestly, doesn't an order like that already feel like a gift?
  • SO MUCH FUN | And last but not least, the range! Don't you want to give a 13 in a dozen gift? Then look beyond those huge chains, which all sell the same huge brands. Online shopping land is full of the most beautiful, unique gifts and items.

That can be cheaper, right?

And now many people think: Yes, that's all nice, but Intertoys and Bol.com are cheaper. Yes, maybe more often than not. But if you order a gift from a large toy store, you will receive it or something, packed in a box. Or, if you have checked the box for packing, a misshapen, ugly piece of wrapping paper is quickly wrapped around the gift, because the order pickers actually don't have time for that at all. And the only time someone did a dance at that big toy store was A: because a few hundred thousand euros had been added to their bonus. B: because his shift was over and he can finally get out of that warehouse (just to be clear, we are talking about 2 different people here 😉) Then you can (re)wrap and donate your gift, only to find out that someone else has already put the exact same gift in that bag. Or at least something that closely resembles your gift. Too bad, right?

variety brings life

And no, I'm not saying I never buy from the big boys. Yes, I also sometimes buy something at Bol.com. And yes, HEMA is also my favorite. But alternate more often. Buy those sausage socks at HEMA, but then combine it with a little something from that shop around the corner and wrap it with gift wrapping paper from that nice webshop, where you see all those nice posts popping up on Insta. So much nicer than that standard gift again, in that standard paper, the same paper that all the other helper Saints and Santa Claus also wrapped their gifts with. Believe me, it makes everyone happier.

gift from me to you

Have I not yet convinced you of the benefits of shopping small? Then here's an extra kick in the butt. You pay until Christmas no shipping costs for all orders from €15, with code: SHOPSMALL .

No, I cannot afford huge discounts with my small amount of turnover, like Bol.com does. But I will give you this little gift, just because I like you so much and because it is Christmas. What else can I offer?

why bi happy?

Benefits when you order from Bi Happy Creations:

  • DANCE | The nicest dances of joy, which I will definitely not record and so you will never see. So you'll have to take my word for it.
  • GIFTS | Nice extras with your order. And the bigger the order, the bigger the extra!
  • BI HAPPY STYLE | Your order will ALWAYS be packed in Bi Happy style. Do you have theme preferences? Put it in the comments. I have more than 700 types of wrapping paper, so the perfect piece of paper is definitely among them.
  • YOU ASK I TURN | I would love to think along with you. Do you have questions, special wishes, requests? App, call, email or DM and we will look at the possibilities together. And believe me, there are a lot!
  • DIFFERENT THAN DIFFERENT | A unique range. Small brands and the most original gifts, cards and wrapping sets.
  • I ALSO WATCH THE LITTLE ones | Lots of gifts under €10. This way you can get the nicest shoe gifts for just a few euros.

Happy shopping and even happier giving!



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