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Pregnancy countdown calendar - Brothers and sisters


Think of nice names for your brother or sister', 'Draw a very big face on mom's fat belly with lipstick': just some assignments to actively involve future brothers or sisters in the pregnancy. This pregnancy countdown calendar, written by Hester Zitvast, provides children with information week by week and lets them work on a valuable reference work for later. Because it is so nice to read later (when you are an adult) what you would have liked to name your brother or sister at the time.

Give the countdown calendar a prominent place in your home and make it a weekly 'family moment' by reading the text and completing the questions. Place a sticker every month so that you can see at a glance when the new baby will finally arrive. So you are all in joyful anticipation!

📐 Dimensions

21x14 cm

🎀 Miscellaneous

112 pages