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Book - (Almost) never tired again


Cheerful guide for tired young parents

Mother of two babies-out-of-the-book and journalist Rinske Wels became desperate from her daughter's crying. As an insecure parent, she didn't find advice anywhere that really helped, that went further than the standard advice. That is why she wrote this book, in which she looks for answers from (experienced) experts. She describes her own search and answers frequently asked questions such as 'How much should a baby actually sleep?', 'How do we find a rhythm?' and: 'Is it normal that the pink cloud is sometimes hard to find?' With columns, tips and interviews with experts such as a baby consultant and a crybaby expert, this book provides a lot of guidance and encouragement. The guide also shows the difference between what the booklets say – curves, averages, maximum quantities – and practice. Because the average baby does not exist!

Author: Rinske Wels

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17.1 x 22 x 1.8 cm

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144 pages