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Chocolate wrapper - Dear teacher


'Dear teacher, thanks a chocolot' means 'dear teacher, thank you very much'. Actually it should have said 'thanks a lot', but that's not nearly as nice. Have you reached the end of the school year? Is it almost summer vacation? Then it's high time to put your teacher, teacher or teaching assistant in the spotlight! Thank them for everything with a delicious chocolate bar with this nice wrapper.
This paper wrapper fits exactly around the large bars from Tony's Chocolonely. You can glue or stick the back with adhesive tape. There is room for a personal text on the back of the wrapper. This way you make giving a chocolate bar much more fun!

📐 Dimensions

262.5mm x 155mm

🏷 Material

120 gram matt paper

🎀 Miscellaneous

Wrap yourself around a large bar from Tony's Chocolonely