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Bag - Sweet bag


Do you like sweets? Do you like bags? Then you will be completely happy with this canvas bag! What could be more fun than walking down the street with a bag full of delicious sweets on it? I think it's sweet!

Do you want to surprise yourself or someone else with this amazing 100% cotton bag? The bag is sturdy and features a black and white pattern of sweets and you will receive a matching acrylic key ring in the shape of a cable bacon. The color of the key ring matches perfectly with the fuchsia pink label on the bag.

The packaging around the bag is specially designed to give it as a gift to someone you want to put in the spotlight. On the back you can tick what you want to say to someone, for example you're a sweet friend, you're a sweet teacher, you're a sweet colleague. are a sweet colleague) or you're a sweet person. Would you rather come up with something yourself? Then write it on the dotted lines. And don't forget to write a personal text on the lines below.

The pun is in 'sweet'. That means sweet or sweet and 'sweets' means sweets.

Who are you putting in the spotlight? Your children's teacher? Or the teaching assistant? Your own teacher? Your colleague? Your girlfriend? Your mom? Your sister? Or would you rather keep it yourself?

If you want to get completely creative, you can also color the sweets with, for example, textile markers!

📐 Dimensions

Bag size: 45 cm x 40 cm (including rods, the height is approximately 60 cm) / Key ring size: 1.8 cm x 5 cm

🏷 Material

Keychain: Made of acrylic / Bag material: 100% sturdy cotton

🎀 Miscellaneous

There is room for a personal text on the back of the box