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Book - F*ck it list


The bucket list everyone should have! Fck all the things you should be doing. Above all, just do what feels good. Do you also have to do that much? Be and act socially desirable, work on your career, exercise, answer texts - because those blue check marks - and pay attention to your diet. And do you often take accountability even though you wouldn't really want to? And how is your bucket list, still unable to cross off many dreams?
So it's high time to draw up your F*ck it list. A list of things not to do. Or you can do it, but it will give you energy. So skip that boring birthday you're dreading and go out without makeup. F*ck it! Open that bottle of wine on Monday and cancel your gym membership; otherwise you pay for nothing. And did you know that you can also get coffee just for yourself and not necessarily have to do this for the entire department? And watching Netflix all day is no problem at all, tomorrow is a new day. However? F*ck it! Do less, enjoy more!

Authors: Jacob & Haver; the creators of, among others, Make that the cat wise
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21.7 x 17.4 x 1.4 cm

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80 pages