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Goede voornemens, toch?

Good intentions, right?


Why do we do that anyway? Those good intentions? If you want or don't want something, why don't we address it right away. And by immediately I mean, today or tomorrow, instead of January 1, 2026. Because life is way too short to waste those weeks, right?


About 4,000 years ago, at the beginning of a new year, the Babylonians promised their Gods that they would return borrowed items. Nice thought, but then I wonder how that will work if you lend something on January 2. Do you have to wait a year? Well, that's how it all started. Only, that was 4000 years ago... and people no longer have the patience to wait a year for their stuff.

Fast forward

So keep going! To now. Because how fanatical we all are when it comes to those good intentions. Few people still have: “Return the Hammer to Kees” on their New Year's resolutions list. But diets, exercise, saving and self-care even more so. And all this only from January 1st. Stop that now!

Stupid idea

Ok, I get it, December is not the month to go on a strict diet. Temptation hits you hard, so try not to touch those gingerbread cookies and Christmas wreaths. But what if you adjust your goal slightly. Don't go on a strict diet, just pay more attention to your diet. This can go a long way, even in December. To play sports? No, no one starts at the gym in December. But take a nice walk, every little bit helps, right? It could also be that way...

The truth

But the truth is, we need it. We see it as a stick behind the door. Like something to hold on to. We can now do everything we want for a while, enjoy it to the fullest and then BOOM, the fun is over. And your life is over. Because with so many of those resolutions at the same time, there is little room for real enjoyment afterwards. A new year feels like a new beginning, new opportunities, even a new life. I didn't study psychology, but I get it. And the worst part, I'm in on it!

Yes, me too

I also ate myself completely from mid-November, because well, it's over in January. I postponed anything that even seemed like a shit job, because I would tackle that again in January. And some planning? Yes, my new agenda starts again in January. Benefit? I had a relaxing month of December…. And yes, the gingerbread addiction was on! Disadvantage? I've gained another 3kg, my house is a mess and the planning is a complete chaos. Am I going to do this differently in 2022?.....probably not. I'll probably eat a ton of money again next November and my house will still be a mess next December.

Have I learned nothing from it?

Yes, certainly, I have learned that planning is key. That, with all my stress and those fun panic attacks, I really need to find structure in my life. To think ahead, plan ahead. Write everything down, make lists. And that is exactly the only good intention that I have and that I intend to succeed. This chaos will create order! I'm so looking forward to this. I'm not going to do it alone, I have, yes, professional help. Everything to get rid of that stress and chaos once and for all and get my life, business, agenda and bank account on track.

You too?

Will you join me? I'll share my highlights (and lowlights) in the coming weeks. What do I encounter, what do I like, what do I really hate? And to ensure that everything runs smoothly, taking notes and making lists is of course essential. And it is of course best to keep those notes and lists on one of the many notebooks, notepads and pads in the shop. We can't make it easier, but we can make it more fun!

Where to start

Well at the beginning! I start cleaning up. Every room will be selected, cleaned out and taken care of in the coming weeks. Because I am already so pressed for time, I recently got a housekeeper. After those serious clean-up attacks, I ask my kind help to make it completely blemish-free. Delicious! Do you have no help and no idea where to look? This household calendar offers a solution. In any case, cleaning becomes a lot clearer and a happier job. Also ideal as a gift (hint).

Small things

Of course, those small tasks are also on a list. How about filling out the birthday calendar? Half an hour of work, but many years of enjoyment. And it saves a lot of awkward situations and arguments if you forget another birthday. The birthday calendar collection (nice hangman word) will be expanded in the coming months. But the best one is already online! You just have to have the courage to hang it 😉

And then?

If the house, the planning, the calendars and all my lists are in order... then it's a matter of persevering, right? Doesn't that work? Then at least I have a nice resolution for January 1, 2023!

Happy new year!

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