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Ka-box Flower Party


A gift box to make you happy, a very small party to go! Don't you want to arrive with an ordinary bouquet of flowers for the hundredth time? And do you find just sending a card boring? This ka box is so much more. It's the complete party, including balloons and a real build-your-own-cake package with a candle, all in a small box. No standard chocolate and rose, but funny, original things that put a smile on everyone's face. The balloons are funny cake picks that you will enjoy for years to come and the candle is a very special item. Light it and be surprised. Because a bunch of flowers is so cliché, this ka-box contains a beautiful glass tube, filled with hand-sorted dried flowers. Not only much more original than a bouquet of roses, but they also last so much longer.

The items are packed with care and the nicest materials and provided with a small, funny label, which explains what the item is for. All this with a big wink.

Do you want to adjust the package? That's also possible! Send me an email with your wishes. Please note: this may affect the price. Therefore, do not place an order via the website!


1 x cake

1 x decoration cake (speckles, icing and deco)

1 x wish candle in tube

1 x set of balloon cake picks

1 x bag of confetti

1 x tube with dried flowers

*Exact content may differ from photo, size and color. Depending on stock.