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Ka-box Booster


When someone is going through a difficult time, it is so nice to let them know that you are there and that you are thinking of them. That is why this ka-box was created. A little boost when things are not going well. Make someone laugh and let them forget their worries for a moment. A real heartfelt gift, full of sweet, funny and nice gifts. The worry dolls, handmade in Guatemala, are known to take away your worries. A nice idea, right? Delicious sweet treat in the form of fudge or chocolate. A wish bracelet, from Mexico, to make all wishes come true. The cheerful Happy Pills from By Caitlin. Write the little notes full of the nicest anecdotes and sweetest wishes. A bag of cocoa for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. The ultimate pick-me-up before 4pm; Unox Cup-A-Soup, including wooden spoon. A glass tube with the most beautiful dried flowers. And a literal boost, in the form of Haribo Frogs.

The items are packed with care and the nicest materials and provided with a small, funny label, which explains what the item is for. All this with a big wink.

Do you want to adjust the package? That's also possible! Send me an email with your wishes. Please note: this may affect the price. Therefore, do not place an order via the website!


1 x glass tube with dried flowers

1 x tube of worry dolls

1 x Cup-A-Soup with wooden spoon

2 x chocolate or fudge

1 x bag of frogs

1 x sachet of cocoa powder

1 x Mexican wish band in tube

*Exact content may differ from photo, size and color. Depending on stock.