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Ka box First Aid at Farewell


Don't you want to just let go of your departing colleague or friend who is moving abroad and let them know that you will miss them? This first aid package is the solution! EHBA stands for First Aid at Farewell. A gift box to let you know that you are going to miss someone, how nice is that. This farewell gift box is full of nice, appropriate gifts. A sweet, Mexican wish bracelet in a tube, to make all wishes come true. Delicious sweets. A nice cotton handkerchief to wipe away the lost tears and a bag of Fisherman's Friend for when those tears don't come at all. The Happy Pills from By Caitlin complete the package. Write funny anecdotes in it and let that person remember your time together for years to come. The other way around is of course also possible! Are you the one who is leaving and is there a colleague who you will miss very much? Give that person an EHBA ka box and the pain is guaranteed to be alleviated!

The items are packed with care and the nicest materials and provided with a small, funny label, which explains what the item is for. All this with a big wink.

Do you want to adjust the package? That's also possible! Send me an email with your wishes. Please note: this may affect the price. Therefore, do not place an order via the website!


1 x Cotton Handkerchief

1 x bag of Fishermen's Friend

1 x Mexican wish bracelet, in tube

1 x chocolate or fudge

1 x tube of Happy Pills from By Caitlin

*Exact content may differ from photo, size and color. Depending on stock.